As a West Coast native, much of my life memories were shaped by the greats in West Coast Hip-Hop – from remembering exactly where I was the day Tupac died (on the Bay Bridge), to discovering my first love Warren G (thanks to my dad) on a now foreign thing called cassette tapes.

The West Coast has so many legends and hits worthy of paying respect and homage to and the new project, Cold ChillingCompton from indie label PRMD does just that. The project serves as the first in a series that reimagines classic Hip-Hop from various regions. The nine-track album, which mixes nostalgia and chill vibes, includes covers of classic songs by artists such as: Dr. Dre, Tupac, Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube, just to name a few.

Compton features a collective of unsigned artists who were discovered online through viral videos such as Dan Henig, The Rooks and more. The end result is an interesting blend of pop, R&B and blues. My personal favorites on the project come in the form of the classic Ice Cube track “It Was A Good Day” by Danelle and the horn breakdown in Ripe’s cover of Warren G’s “Regulate”.

For their next series, PRMD is tapping into the East Coast Hip-Hop with tracks from artists like Tommy Boy and Naughty By Nature, and needless to say, I’m very interested to hear the finished product.