!Now Ya Know is a weekly series from Mixologi profiling artists you may not have heard of.  Every week we will be selecting a new artist for you to keep on your radar.

A few years ago I was browsing through the Juxtapoz website (which you should absolutely check out if you are at all interested in urban art) and I came across this amazing artist named Nathan Spoor.  Now, I am not much an art snob, (although I totally acted like one after stumbling out of a coffee shop in Amsterdam and into the Van Gogh Museum one day) but I like to think I know dope art when I see it.  For years I have periodically checked out Nathan’s work, but never really shared it with anyone cause frankly, I wanted him to be my own little secret (pause).

Every once and I while I come across someone in the artistic community, whether it be a singer, actor, musician, or artist that I wish I could tell everyone in the world about.  Well, here is my attempt: World, meet Nathan!

I’d best explain his art as what you would get if Mega Man and Salvador Dali conceived a baby on a camping trip.  His art doesn’t just make you feel like you are a kid again; it gives you a glimpse into what happens when an adult actually maintains a child’s ability to imagine.   His pieces are extremely captivating, and overwhelmingly humbling by giving you an eerie mix of scenic creativity and loneliness.   If you are an adventurous explorer, his pieces will make you want to enter his world, if you are a cautious hermit, they will make you greatly appreciate the comfort of your own home.   Either way you will be moved.

Check out his website and upcoming exhibits all over the country, he even has some cool iPhone cases!