Flume and Chet Faker have helped shift the musical spotlight to Australia in recent years, ushering out a new wave of talent from the land down under. Perth-based DJ/producer Ta-ku and Brisbane-based singer/songwriter Wafia are part of this wave, and they’ve teamed up for the meticulous yet moving (m)edian EP.

The intimate five-track offering showcases more than Ta-ku’s production proficiency and Wafia’s dynamic vocals. Their chemistry resembles other tandems, whether it be of the iconic (Timbaland & Aaliyah) or contemporary (AlunaGeorge) variety. That organic synergy is not only apparent with their nationality, but also their take on the EP’s subject matter, one that’s ever so palpable on the heartfelt project.

“It’s a tribute to unconditional love. Whether that be platonic, romantic, or family. It’s about loving someone unrequitedly.” – Wafia

That love embeds itself substantially throughout (m)edian. Whether expressing longing regret (“Treading Water”), compromise (“Meet In The Middle”) or acceptance (“Love Somebody“), the duo’s wistful lyrics help encapsulate some of the engaging sequences surrounding any relationship. Not to be undone, Ta-ku’s attention to detail helps maintain the EP’s flow while adding a calming layer of complexity. The inclusions of interludes “1.5” and “2.5” lends itself to that intricacy as listeners are whisked away on a minute-long journey in between the main tracks.

There’s no denying the talent between Ta-ku & Wafia on (m)edian. The ability to effortlessly pour personal emotions into your work is the benchmark of any artist, and these two seem to have that covered. Judging from their debut joint effort, this is but a small sample size of their promise as Australia’s next artists to watch.